It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia


So, I was contemplating writing a 'Flight of the Conchords' spec, but not finding any script 'samples' online - other than another writer's spec - I went with a 'Sunny' based mostly on the fact I had a sample - from Creative Screenwriting Magazine. SIDEBAR: I emailed the article writer, Shelley, and she was cool enough to search for - and not find - the script they (Mcelhenney & Co) had supplied her with. The cool part comes from her giving me the approximates: 31 pages, 6 page Teaser (they write Cold Open) followed by a Act One - Day One. She tells me they don't have an Act Two, just other listed days i.e., Day Two, Day Three. She also says they work with 15 scenes, and if you Writers out there have studied the series, you know that there's usually 13-15 scenes per ep....

What else? Oh, yeah. My Girlfriend hates my spec. She loved my '30 Rock' but says the 'Sunny' concept is shit. I like to think she's an A-Hole, and doesn't know WTF she's talking about, but I'm often proved wrong in our relationship. And I'm terrible at giving up - so I'm gonna work on that concept... Do you want to know what the 'Sunny' concept is?


'1 Testicle, 2 Testicles, 3 Testicles - Oh My!'

'When Charlie, Dennis, and Mac find lumps in their ball sacks, Dee organizes a benefit to pay for castrations.'

She (GF) wants me to focus on one of the Guy's with the lump - I'm being difficult.

Tell me what you think?

p.s. you can find 3 'It's Always Sunny...' scripts at

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